A First Class Hack

A client wanted first class round trip from LA to London, flying British Airways. The price on BA’s website was $19,300. We found an obscure, rarely used flight/hotel bundle that drove the price down. We found a cheap hotel to qualify (one the client didn’t have to stay in) and were able to get our client the same ticket, on the same airline, all for $5,300.

Maximize Your Miles

Got a ton of miles but think you can’t use them? Think again. We’re experts at earning more miles and unlocking the value of those miles so you can use them when you want, where you want. Want to go first class to Europe? Amex might tell you that’ll cost you 800,000 points. Our clients routinely fly the same route at the same times for 150,000.

We Know the Little Things

Prefer a window on the right side coming back from Europe so you can see the glaciers? Got it. Want us to teach you our favorite status hacks? No problem. Which routes minimize jet lag? We know them. Who has lie-flat seats and who has angled seats? We’ll tell you. We geek out on this stuff, and can’t wait to share with you.

Even Economy

Ask us about our favorite economy mileage hack that can fly you, your partner and your two kids around North America for $5.60 per person per ticket, indefinitely. Seriously.

Hotel Hacks Too

Don’t want to pay retail? We’ll work our magic using miles, unknown loopholes and preferred relationships to get you the best prices possible. And if you have to pay retail, we’ll get you extra amenities, special treatment and upgrades.

We're Not Cheap

We charge a monthly fee for our services. It’s worth it if you travel a lot; especially if you want to fly first or business. In many cases, a whole year of our fees is paid for in one trip. If you only fly infrequently, and only fly economy, our fees may not make sense for you.

Urban dictionary defines “Life Hack” as follows:  A strategy adopted in order to manage one’s time and daily activities in a more efficient way.

At Savanti, we thought it was about time someone introduced a travel hack.


Booked a $19,700 first class ticket for $5,300!

Booked a roundtrip Business Class ticket to Argentina for 60,000 AMX points!

Saved $147 on rental car by re-booking 3 times as priced dropped!

Got 20% off hotel room, AND upgrade to a suite with complimentary daily breakfast!

Scored 15,000 extra American Airlines points by registering in promo!

Secured Global Services for a United Frequent Flier!

Utilized Centurion Card benefits for a free business class award ticket to Europe!

About Our Founders


Dan Lack, Co-Founder

Dan was head of product at Lonely Planet, has been to all seven continents (flying first class of course) and hacked his way every inch of his journey.


Leigh Rowan, Co-Founder

Leigh was the COO of the popular travel site “The Points Guy”, and is a family travel expert. His three year old son has American Airlines Elite status and is an AARP member (don’t ask). Leigh is currently trying to buy a fishing boat on points.

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