Your Savanti Service is led by an expert travel advisor and includes 24/7 support on all of the following items. A global team provides support and seamless touchpoints to ensure that your travel is perfect.


  • Retail, private fare, and consolidator air
  • Seat, plane, route and carrier analysis
  • Mileage / points tickets
  • Private aviation
  • Plane / fleet management liaison for private owners
  • Group / corporate air management


  • Exclusive / consortia relationships with over 5,000 luxury hotels globally, offering amenities, upgrades, enhancements, and more
  • All private home / villa options
  • Extensive relationships with global yacht brokers and owners
  • Safari, cruise and other “bucket list” trip planning and management


  • Car service, rental car, and private driver management
  • Group transportation
  • Vehicle charter
  • Airport VIP greeters and access
  • Lounge access and advice
  • Corporate negotiated rates, events / engagements


Credit Card and Loyalty Audit: we ensure you have the right card(s) and status so that your travel experience is the best it can be.

Calendar: everything we do goes on the calendar, in the format that works best for you.

Flight check-ins: we’ll send you boarding passes 24 hours before your flight, and monitor for the best seats, in case you’re not already in them. We’re watching your flight for any delays or misconnects, too.

Hotel VIPing: we make sure your hotel stays are perfect, with almost a dozen pre/post-stay touchpoints with each hotel.

Changes / Refunds tracking: from change waivers to ensuring that you use all of the existing / expiring credits you have, we track all of these details so you don’t have to!

24/7 global support: never worry in an after-hours emergency, since our global team has your back. Call a US-based phone line for emergency access and support no matter where you are.

Receipts: monthly or yearly, we provide a detailed reporting of all of your travel-related spend.

About Savanti

Founded in 2016, Savanti Travel quickly became a leader in personal travel management. Our core values are simple:

  • Be a mensch
  • Have the Client’s back – when there’s a deal, the Client gets it
  • Intelligence, integrity and humility in everything we do

We serve Clients in several verticals: family office, entertainment, venture capital, finance, and technology.

We charge a monthly service fee. Most of our Clients work with us on a personal and corporate basis.


About Leigh Rowan, Savanti’s Founder

Before founding Savanti, Leigh ran the popular website “The Points Guy,” and prior to that, he was an advertising and marketing executive, traveling internationally and domestically on nearly every global carrier and staying in almost every hotel chain. He founded Savanti to “make travel better” for road warriors like him. His 7 year old son has been to over 20 countries, and his 2 year old daughter is trying to catch up, with almost 15 countries under her belt.

What our Clients say about Savanti service:

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